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Nissan Warranty Quote

Nissan is known for being successful from the very beginning; in 1969, the manufacturer released the Datsun 240z to widespread acclaim. This arguably provided the launchpad for Nissan to take off as a household name in the world of motoring. Built from the ground up, with their bare hands, every Nissan GT-R engine has been made by four men with the title of Takumi (‘Master Craftsman’). With such attention to detail going into each car, it’s only right that the warranty you choose for your Nissan is of the utmost quality and clarity.

Because you’re a Nissan owner, we understand there’s no skimping when it comes to selecting a warranty for your car. There’s a treasure-trove of benefits and coverage options waiting to be unlocked with us. Whether you’re buying used or you’ve owned your Nissan since day one, a warranty with MotorEasy is a sure-fire way to protect such a big investment.

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Why do I need a warranty for my Nissan?

Overlooking the importance of taking out an appropriate car warranty can have terrible consequences. At MotorEasy, we want you to enjoy your Nissan with complete peace of mind, which our levels of warranty coverage can give.

Whether you’ve reached the end of the warranty supplied by your manufacturer or you’ve just invested in a used car, finding the right warranty for your Nissan is just as (if not more!) important as how you drive it. Our Nissan warranty is designed to offer similar protection to that which your manufacturer provided when your car was new, all while safeguarding your bank balance.

Many motorists appreciate the extended protection against mechanical or electrical repair costs. As such, MotorEasy is committed to getting you the best deal when it comes to making your Nissan roadworthy once again.


What’s included with our Nissan warranty?

Since we want to help you make an informed decision, we’ve gone above and beyond with our levels of warranty cover, showcasing a wide range of benefits as well as unrivalled transparency.

Because our engineers deal directly with your chosen garage, MotorEasy can always guarantee you no stress and no hassle during the repair process. We can also offer collection and delivery services for your vehicle. So, whether you’re at home or work, you’ll be able to contact our team for professional assistance.

And should you require recovery, or repair assistance in Europe due to trouble on the road, we’ll be there to help with that too.

With our Nissan warranty, you’ll also be protected against failures due to wear and tear, an improvement on the original manufacturer’s warranty. Once you've completed a complimentary health check at a garage in our extensive network, you’ll be covered immediately; in addition to day one cover for sudden failures.


How do I get a quote?

If you’re looking for a Nissan warranty to go with your new or used car, it’s certainly easy to get one with MotorEasy. All you need to get started is your vehicle’s registration number above; once you’ve entered this (plus some basic information about yourself), you’ll be presented with a free quote, so you can see with your own eyes that we are indeed an affordable and highly capable warranty provider.

Or if you’d much rather, we offer a freephone service for those needing information and/or advice on the warranty process. Simply call freephone 0800 131 0001 to speak to one of our highly trained members of staff.


Recent Repairs: Nissan

With a strong reputation for quality among the motoring community, it’s hardly surprising that you’d want a Nissan warranty that matches this manufacturer’s incredibly high standards! By understanding the most common reasons for failure in your Nissan, you’ll be better prepared to choose the right coverage with MotorEasy. Check out the guide below for frequent mechanical faults found in Nissan models:

  • Qashqai+2: Of our most recent repair jobs across the Nissan range, we tend to do a lot of work on cylinder head gaskets. An expensive example of this was on a Qashqai+2, totalling £2,020.61. Luckily, the owner had a Nissan warranty with MotorEasy, meaning they didn’t have to worry about paying such a sizeable bill.
  • Juke: Speaking of sizeable bills, we recently had to replace the engine in a Juke, which cost the owner £3,000. With a Nissan warranty from MotorEasy, costs like these are no longer an issue, meaning all you need to concern yourself with is driving home as soon as we’ve fixed your pride and joy.
  • X-Trail: We recently had two separate X-Trails come in for repairs to the dual-mass flywheel. The first totalled £1,032, but the second – which required a lot more work – amounted to £1,476.19. Remove the burden of unexpected repair costs and guarantee your peace of mind, with a comprehensive Nissan warranty from MotorEasy.
  • Micra: Our most recent expensive repair across these models was on the chain, totalling £833.39. Fortunately, the owner's Nissan warranty with MotorEasy meant that they didn’t have to pay this hefty sum upfront.
  • GT-R: We recently had to replace the gearbox in one of these cars. This totalled £3000, which you can't be expected to pay outright. Ensure your peace of mind with a comprehensive Nissan warranty from MotorEasy that covers unexpected repair costs.