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Honda Warranty Quote

Honda is a giant in the automotive industry. With a strong characteristic of innovation, even as far as the environment is concerned, it’s no wonder that the company is used to leading the way; it already boasts titles such as ‘world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer’ and ‘the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines’. And with an ongoing commitment to investing in new ideas and technology, you really get the sense that this company cares about the cars it produces.

By taking out our Honda warranty plan, you can expect extensive, fuss-free cover for your vehicle. However you like to drive and wherever your journey takes you, enjoy your time on the road knowing that mechanical and electrical failures are covered with MotorEasy.

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Why do I need a Honda warranty?

Owning a Honda means you expect safe, trustworthy driving. People buy Hondas because they believe in the brand’s commitment to giving them the best experience possible in every aspect of their time on the road. However, while Hondas are reliable, they can be pricey if they do go wrong. No car – no matter how dependable – can give you complete peace of mind. There are simply too many drastic things that could happen under the bonnet without warning. Which is precisely why you should consider taking out a comprehensive Honda warranty with MotorEasy.

If your own Honda experiences mechanical and/or electrical failure, we'll be there to help with the repairs, including cover for diagnostics, parts and labour. At MotorEasy, we see no reason why your next car warranty shouldn’t be as well built as your Honda, allowing you to enjoy the better things in your driving life.


What’s covered with MotorEasy?

When it comes to covering your Honda, we’ve left nothing to chance.

Aside from comprehensive protection against mechanical and electrical issues, you can expect help with breakdown recovery costs, 24/7 online booking and online tracking of repairs, and even repair limits up to the value of your car.

Wear & tear failures are also covered from day one, following a complimentary health check at one of our network garages.

And your Honda warranty even safeguards your car against failures in Europe, for up to 60 days. Wherever you are in the EU, you’ll receive the same first-rate service as you do back home.


Can I get a free quote?

Yes! To get your free Honda warranty quote today, simply visit our quote builder. You’ll then need to fill in a few details about your car, specifically: the registration number to get a quote in seconds.

After that, it’s your personal information you need to enter. You’ll then receive your free quote – it couldn’t be easier!

As an alternative, you can call us on freephone 0800 131 0001, or even live chat for real-time assistance.


Recent Paid Repairs for Hondas:

With MotorEasy, you can trust that we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re always looked after if things don’t go to plan. And that includes clueing you up on what’s going on under the hood of your Honda. For information on recent repairs we’ve made to Honda models, check out our guide below:

  • Civic: On one occasion, a Civic was brought to us needing repairs to its gearbox shift actuator. This was one of the most expensive jobs we’ve seen for a Honda, totalling £2,398.14. Eliminate expenses like these by taking out a comprehensive Honda warranty with MotorEasy.
  • Insight: When one of these cars needed work on its head gasket, including skimming, the total was £1,011.25. It’s unexpected costs like this that you need to take into consideration; not everything will go to plan with your Honda, and you should prepare by taking out extended warranty cover with MotorEasy.
  • Jazz: Recently, we repaired the gearbox in a Jazz, helping the owner handle a bill for £1,893.48. As with every MotorEasy warranty repair, we were able to help cover the costs of diagnostics, parts and labour. To protect yourself from financial strain, take out a comprehensive Honda warranty with us.
  • Accord: This type of car may be reliable most of the time, but it's still susceptible to mechanical and electrical failures. For instance, when the information centre stopped working in one model, it cost £494.74 to put right. A comprehensive Honda warranty with MotorEasy will make paying bills like this a thing of the past.
  • CR-V: Despite being a wholly dependable SUV, this car can cost quite a bit as far as repairs are concerned. In one model, the dual mass flywheel needed replacing, which came to £1,154.23. Safeguard against unforeseen mechanical and electrical failures with our Honda warranty.