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In this edition, Lewis Hamilton takes the $1.6million V8 “Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder AMG Monaco Concept” out for a spin on the Mediterranean sea.  


Also, this month, Free Car Mag asks “How practical is a supercar?” Putting the Nissan GT-R, Honda NSX & the McLaren 570GT through their paces – from the school run to how much shopping you can fit in the boot.


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See Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg flaunt the Mercedes range on land and sea toys.

James Ruppert, Editor of Free Car Mag James Ruppert, Editor of Free Car Mag

James Ruppert, the award-winning editor of Free Car Mag, has a long history in the automotive industry with over three decades of experience as a motoring journalist. Having previously been a car dealer, he has published many books, with "Bangernomics" being his most famous.

You may have seen James on a couple of BBC documentaries about the British & German car making industries over the years, so it's safe to say James certainly knows a thing or two about cars.


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